An Environment Your Child Would Choose

Our home is conveniently located near Northwich Town Centre. We have safe parking outside, an enclosed garden and we have some of Northwich’s best parks within easy walking distance.
Our home is a smoke-free environment. We have central heating with room temperature control and the floors are mostly laminate for cleanliness and hygiene.

In the hallway we display all the parents notices, such as the menu, weekly activities and other information we think you may like to see.

Childminder in Northwich - Playroom

We have a living room/playroom where most of the toys live. We have small tables and chairs for younger children, to eat or enjoy activities at, and we have a regular sized dining table and chairs for older children. We have pots for crayons and paper that is easily accessible by the children and we regularly include printed paper with educational activities or the children’s favourite characters for them to colour and draw on. We have a large bookcase in here too with lots of books for all different ages.

There are downstairs toilet facilities with a step to help the little ones use the facilities independently. We have lots of small hand towels / face cloths, so the children can use a clean one each time. Each child will be provided with a container to store their toothbrush and toothpaste in, and we will encourage the children to brush their teeth after breakfast.

The upstairs landing is very spacious and it makes an ideal space for small children to have their daytime nap in the travel cot, as it is darker and quieter here. We have a high quality baby monitor with a motion sensor, so we can hear the children at all times.

The upstairs bathroom and bedrooms will only be used occasionally.

Childminder in Northwich - Garden