A Healthy Diet

Below is an example menu for children that are fully weaned.

Mid-morning Snack Lunch Afternoon Snack
Monday Choice of Fruit Macaroni Cheese

Apple & Custard
Fruit Smoothie
Tuesday Fruit Scrambled Egg & Toast

Fruit Cocktail
Cheese & Crackers
Wednesday Choice of Fruit Cheese on Toast

Banana & Peach Dessert
Bread Sticks and
Carrot Sticks
Thursday Biscuit & Fruit Vegetable Pizza & Sweet Potato Chips

Rice Cake and
Fruit Bars
Friday Choice of Fruit Beans on Toast

Angel Delight with Fruit
Cheese and
Pineapple Chunks

Water, cows milk and juice are available throughout the day.

Breakfast is available by request for children who arrive at 7.30am or earlier. An evening meal is not included on the menu as we encourage families to eat this together at home. We understand that this sometimes is not practical so we are willing to provide an evening meal if required, on an individual basis.
*Extra cost may be incurred for evening meals. This will be agreed prior to arrangement.

Before your child’s placement starts you must record any allergies or other special dietary requirements on the ‘Child Record Form’. Debra has a lot of experience looking after children with specific dietary needs. So if your child is new to solids, a vegetarian, has an allergy, or any other requirement, this is not a problem – we will work together to provide a separate menu for your child.